Staff and Volunteers

We employ a full time Manager and a Part Time Assistant Manager. All other staff are volunteers from a wide variety of churches in Kendal and surrounding area. If you feel you would like to join us do look at our Statement of Faith and then have a word with our Manger, Gill. We ask that you sign a Volunteer declaration that sets out what you can expect from us and what we would expect from you. You would then work with another experienced volunteer until you felt confident to manage sales on your own. The Manager, or her substitute, is always on hand to help or give advice. Most volunteers work for a morning or an afternoon regularly each week or fortnight. If you enjoy meeting people from around the churches in our area we are sure you would enjoy working at the shop.

Church Link Person

The Bookshop now has its own representatives in over 20 local churches throughout South Lakes. Approximately three times a year each Link Person receives a poster to display on the Church notice board and a short article suitable for the Church magazine.

In this way we hope to raise awareness of the current best-selling books and share our news. If your Church has not yet joined this scheme but would like to be part of it please do contact our Manager with the name and address of the person designated to be our ‘Link’.


When Kendal and District Christian LiteratureSociety started the Market Place Bookshop many local Christians from a wide spectrum of local churches became ‘Members of the Society’. Their annual subscriptions and prayerful support of the Charity were the foundation on which the Bookshop grew and prospered. (For the story of how the bookshop came into being do read ‘Miracles’ written by Agnes Towler).

Now called Support Partners, we still have a growing need for the prayers and support of people in local churches throughout the area. You too can share in our Ministry of keeping a Christian witness in Kendal as we continue to serve local Christians and the community with literature to promote and strengthen their faith.

We suggest a minimum subscription of £15 annually to become a Support Partner. For this you will  receive a Newsletter and Prayer card twice a year and and invitation to the Annual General Meeting that is usually held in June. In December we usually hold a Christmas ‘get together’ with lunch and some fun.

If you would like to support our Ministry simply print off the form and complete it with your name and address and return it to the shop with your subscription.


Resources for Ministers and Youth Workers Resources for services, ministers and youth work teaching materials.


Small Group Study Guides for Christians ‘Borrow’ a box of materials for a week, to browse at home before ordering.


Bookstalls for Church EventsWe provide books for you on a Sale or Return basis to run a bookstall at church or to take to an event.