Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality – Making space for God


Mindfulness practice is hugely popular these days!

But what, Tim Stead asks, does it have to offer Chrisitianity?

How might it help us to manage stress and open up more completely to the promise of ‘life in all its fullness’?


  • Ever wonder about whether mindfullness is Christian?
  • This guide helps you to grow in faith in a way that is mindful and healthy
  • You’ll be able to reflect and make space for what God want to do in your life
There are many things we realise we ought to believe or do as Christians but, if we are honest, find almost impossible. This can lead to feelings of hypocrisy, as we say with our lips what, to our shame, we are not truly living in our lives, even though we long to. This engaging, readable book explores how Mindfulness practice can enable us to reflect on what it might mean to believe certain things, and to make the real changes which enable us to live the Christian life with greater integrity.


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