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Samuel 1 and 2 for Everyone


The books of 1 and 2 Samuel describe the end of the time of the judges and the transition to a monarchy for the Israelites.

We read of the rise and rule of Samuel, the last and greatest of the judges, and his part in establishing Saul as the first king of Israel and David as Saul’s successor.

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The books of 1 and 2 Samuel vividly describe the passing of the age of the judges and the founding of the Israelite monarchy. We read of the rise and rule of Samuel, the last and greatest of the judges, and his role in establishing Saul and, later, … David as kings over Israel. The wars, deceptions, victories, friendship, intrigue, rivalry, jealousy, and (for David) adultery and family discord that marked the reigns of these two men ensure that 1 and 2 Samuel are among the most readable – and relevant – books of the Old Testament.

Using personal anecdote, a witty and lively style, and drawing on his considerable theological knowledge, John Goldingay takes us deep into the unfolding story of the Old Testament. And, as he guides us in our understanding of these time-honoured words and the ancient world they describe, he helps us to apply what we read to our lives.

John Goldingay is Professor of OT in the School of Theology at the Fuller Theological Seminary, USA. Previously principal and professor of OT and Hebrew at St John’s Theological College Nottingham.

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