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William Tyndale – a brief history by Melvyn Bragg


Melvyn Bragg writes the perfect introduction to the life of William Tyndale.

Ideal for anyone interested in how one book’s translation changed the world.


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  • Want to discover the pivotal history of the KJV’s translator?
  • Melvyn Bragg turns his zeal for lasting history to the life of William Tyndale
  • Perfect for understanding why Tyndale’s life and work still resonates today

Discover the story of the man who completely transformed Christianity and English culture over 500 years ago. A man who helped put a Bible in the hands of everybody who wished to read God’s word for themselves. A man whose cause put his life on the line, and who was considered the most dangerous man in Tudor England. A man who influenced everyone from William Shakespeare to Charles Dickens and beyond.

Discover William Tyndale.

Born over half a century ago, William Tyndale was the man who so determined to give the English people a Bible they could understand that without him we wouldn’t have the King James Bible.

Written by Melvyn Bragg, whose In Our Time series has made key moments of history engaging and accessible for millions, this very brief history will give readers an insight into often-unsung man who gave the English world God’s word.

Covering both William Tyndale’s past and his legacy, this book tells the amazing story of a man who died for cause of giving God’s word to the world.

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