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The Message of Jonah


  • Want a look at Jonah with depth?
  • This BST study explores God’s presence in life’s storms
  • You’ll find truths to explore and hold onto
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The ‘great fish’ has probably made Jonah the best known of the twelve minor prophets of the Old Testament. The book bearing his name, comprising just 48 verses, has tantalized and intrigued its readers down the ages.

Undue preoccupation with the fish may cause us to miss what is actually going on in the narrative. Although on the surface the story seems fairly straightforward, Rosemary Nixon explores its fascinating complexity to show how the author grapples with conflicting perceptions of God – and how, while we might question some the story’s extra-ordinary features, we ourselves are questioned by the God who questions Jonah, and challenged to hear God’s word afresh today

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