The Message of Psalms 1-72


Songs for the people of God

  • Want a greater appreciation of the Psalms?
  • This study opens up the lyricism and messages of the Book of Psalms
  • You’ll find new ways of seeing lasting truths in God’s word
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This is the first volume of a practical and readable introduction to the Psalms which effectively unfolds the text and meaning as songs for the people of God. The expositions represent Michael Wilcock’s attempts over many years to unfold God’s Word to real people confronting the raw questions of life in the church and in the world. He sees the Psalter as a collection, an anthology, a hymnal, a book of songs.

It is full of pictures that show us a variety of places in a land of spiritual experience. In his view it is important for Christians today to appropriate the range of human emotion that is embodied in the Psalms. We also need their imaginative vitality. The book will be helpful in using the Psalms in church services, and includes an exposition of every Psalm, 1-72.

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