Authentic Youth Bible (Purple Cover)


The Authentic Youth Bible is a popular choice for teens, youth groups and schools. The fully anglicised text uses the accurate and accessible ERV (Easy to Read) translation. The contemporary language makes the Authentic Youth Bible easy to get into, so that teens can get a lot out of it!

Many extra features are included to help young people understand the Bible for themselves, including introductions to each Bible book, 164 studies that dig deeper into key passages, and 275 insight boxes that help explain the meaning of certain verses. 32 full colour pages tackle issues such as peer pressure, relationships, image and self-esteem as well as looking at themes such as following Jesus, the Trinity and trusting God.

The Authentic Youth Bible is a full text Bible that is the perfect choice to help teens get into the Bible for themselves and develop strong foundations in the faith.

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  • A popular choice for secondary schools and for youth groups as well as for personal use
  • Allows youth leaders to teach the Bible in an accessible yet accurate way
  • Enables teens to engage with the Bible for themselves
  • Ideal for 13-18 year olds and young adults
  • Contemporary translation which is relevant and accurate
  • Simple to understand
  • Anglicised text, with UK spelling and grammar
  • Introductory notes size up the setting and discover the Who, When and What of each Bible book
  • Introductions to both the Old and New Testaments to help set the scene
  • 164 Bible Bit pages help you dig deeper and explore key passages
  • 275 Insight boxes enable you to probe passages and explore the meaning of verses
  • 32 full colour pages explore important and topical issues teens face
  • Easy to read type in two columns
  • A dictionary, conveniently placed at the back of the Bible for easy reference, helps explains difficult or key words
  • Overview of the Bible
  • How to read the Bible section helps readers get started
  • Maps of key periods
  • Table of weights and measures
  • A list of Bible verses to help in various situations
  • Presentation page

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Thomas Nelson

First released in 1993 this anglicised Youth Bible is carefully created to enable your teenagers to get to grips with the Word of God in words and language that's easy to read and understand. The NCV provides early to mid teens with an invaluable resource for young Christians in the 21st Century.



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