Being Reverend


A Diary

Matt Woodcock

“I loved it. Read it now!” Radio 2’s Zoe Ball

Matt Woodcock returns with this sequel to the bestselling ‘Becoming Reverend’.

Follow Matt’s journey as he starts work at one of Hull’s oldest, biggest and emptiest churches. It’s a shadow of its former self, with a small congregation and huge bills to pay. Adding the entrepreneurial (and somewhat excitable) Matt to their clergy line-up is the last throw of the dice for this 700-year-old institution.

But is Matt ready for such a tough first assignment? Are his new flock – or his new colleagues – ready for the whirlwind that’s about to descend? And can Matt realize his vision of a thriving church without wrecking his home life in the process?

As this real-life diary reveals, Matt’s life being Reverend can be every bit as fraught, funny and fascinating as it was becoming one.





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