Living A Life You Love – embracing the adventure of being led by the Holy Spirit


This inspirational guide from Joyce Meyer will help you discover how with God you can live a full, adventurous life.

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  • Feel dissatisfied with life?
  • Joyce Meyer shows you how to embrace all God has planned for you
  • You’ll discover the way to a full, exciting, and fulfilling life

Do you love your life, or do you feel there is something missing? Some purpose or calling or adventure that is just out of reach?

Do you find a disconnect between the promises of God’s word, and the routine, everyday existence that can sometimes feel like it’s wearing you down? You aren’t the only one. There are countless people, people who look like they have it all, who feel the exact same way you do. That it’s not enough.

Joyce Meyer offers a perspective-shirting answer to the daily aches and insufficiencies of life. Blending her own story of moving from pain to perseverance with insightful Bible readings and inspirational new ways of thinking, she helps to show you what a life you love can look like.

It’s not about being weighed down with possessions, but lifted up with wonder; not about comparing yourself to others, but knowing who you are to God.

Over chapters that explore the plan that God has for you, as well as why God made you, how to approach each day, about re-aligning your priorities with those of God’s. You’ll discover how God can change your life. You’ll soon see the world anew. You’ll be able to recognise the gifts God has given you, the opportunities he lays in your path, and the ways large and small that you can learn to live a life you love.

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