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Unshakeable Confidence


Confidence can take many guises, but what does true, unshakeable confidence look like?

Guided by the truth and strength of God’s Word and the power of His unwavering love for each one of us – and with vulnerable transparency – Jen walks us through her own journey from debilitating fear to unshakeable confidence.

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  • For women seeking confidence in themselves
  • Jen Baker uses her own story to show the confidence that comes from Christ
  • You’ll be a more confident woman as you draw strength from faith

In her most transparent book to date, Jen shares her journey from debilitating fear to unshakeable confidence.Through her own vulnerability, Jen encourages the reader to examine confidence in line with a kingdom perspective.

Unshakeable Confidence is separated into four sections: foundational keys, immovable truths, dangerous lies, and brilliant future. Inspiring, challenging, and infused with faith, here is a brilliant tool to help you step into a healthy, kingdom confidence today.

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